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Patient Info

During your first consultation, the osteopath will ask you questions about your problem as well as questions about your health and lifestyle. Next, the osteopath will examine you to find out more about the problem. Osteopaths are trained to use orthopaedic tests, and they also have a highly developed sense of touch called palpation, to determine conditions and identify the body’s points of weakness or excessive strain. The osteopath may also watch you performing some simple movements to get a better idea of your problem.

You may be asked to remove some of your clothing to reveal the area that needs to be treated. All our osteopaths will ensure that you feel comfortable at all times with that.

Areas of Expertise

Once then osteopath has made their diagnosis, he or she will discuss the treatment plan with you, what the treatment will consist of, and how many sessions might be needed. If the osteopath feels further tests are needed such as x-ray, scans or blood tests, he or she will liaise with your GP and or arrange private referral.

As the treatment progresses, the osteopath may give you advice on exercises to do at home, postural advice and nutrition, in order to improve your condition and general

Back pain & Sciatica

Neck pain

Food Intolerance Testing

Shockwave Therapy

Frozen Shoulder

Headaches & Migraine

Pain Relief Acupuncture

Sports Injuries

Corrective Exercises

Tennis Elbow


Cranial Osteopathy

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