We now offer Shock Wave Therapy

download-1We are pleased to announce that we now offer Shock Wave Therapy. Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) has many benefits, the main one being the fast and effective treatment of pain.

Shock Wave Therapy offers pain relief for a variety of conditions ranging from Achilles Tendinitis, Plantar Fasciitis to Low Back Pain. It is particularly useful for patients suffering from chronic pain, where other therapies may have not worked.

SWT has a proven track record in the treatment of tendon injuries, and is now considered the ‘Gold Standard’ treatment of persistent conditions such as Tennis and Golfer’s elbow, Shoulder Tendinitis, Achilles Tendinitis and Planter Fasciitis.

There is increasing evidence for the effect of SWT on chronic Low Back and Neck Pain.  A study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science examined the effects of Shock Wave Therapy in patients suffering from pain, disabilities and depression due to chronic low back pain. Thirty patients were divided into two groups, one group received SWT and the other received conservative physiotherapy. The results were very encouraging, and while both groups improved, the rate of success in the group receiving SWT was significantly higher than the group treated with conservative Physiotherapy alone.

For most conditions, three to four SWT sessions are needed, depending on the condition and how long you may have suffered from it. As with all treatments at Bacon and Associates, we tailor-make a Treatment Program to suit your needs, and will combine  Shock Wave Therapy with Exercise Program, Manual therapy and Acupuncture as needed in your particular case.

Please call or email us with any questions you may have about Shock Wave Therapy and how it might benefit you.




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