Healing can be defined as regaining balance of mind, body and/or emotions.

Spiritual healing and healing through prayer have been among the methods for healing diseases of mankind since time immemorial. Even today they are quite popular in many parts of the Western world, as epidemiological data testify. Spiritual healing, also known under a variety of other names such as mental, psi, faith and Reiki healing, and Therapeutic Touch, is probably the most simple and straightforward approach to the treatment of ill-health and injury that is available; consisting of a simple, direct relationship between healer and patient relying mainly on close contact, such as the laying-on-of-hands, the use of prayer, hand passes, etc., to help bring about improvements in the patient’s condition.

Cases of healing present a challenge to science in understanding possible mechanisms at work. Healing mechanisms cannot be fully explained and understood by the current scientific paradigm and there is a lack of reproducible supporting empirical evidence for the effectiveness of healing. The data available show two general results: patients seeking out healing normally profit to a clinically significant degree and secondly there is little evidence that these effects are specific in nature.  There is however a large and growing body of anecdotal evidence of the positive effects of healing, and healing is now being used in the NHS in various hospitals in the UK.

For further research regarding healing see the research page.

Simon Bacon has studied healing and healing effects for the last 20 years and holds a masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies. He is an experienced healer being registered with the Healing Trust since 1993. He has taught and lectured on healing both in the UK and abroad.

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